Driving since midnight

The impromptu picnic was his idea, a rare moment alone with her dad. He spread a blanket under “their” tree overlooking the river. Her favorite sandwiches, peanut butter and dill pickles, were packed along with thermoses of Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.

“I don’t understand,” her voice cracked. Fighting against her tears, she was shocked to see her daddy’s eyes were wet too.

“Mommy had to go far away, but she loves you very much.” He avoided looking at his young daughter.

“She’s never coming back?” Pauley asked in a soft, scared voice.

“No, baby. It’s just you and me now.”

100 Word Song is a writing challenge from Lance based on a weekly music prompt. This week’s challenge is inspired by Ani Di Franco’s “Cloud Blood.”

A little snippet from the childhood of my favorite female hit man, Pauley.