silhouette of small moth

Clouds pass and disperse Light through yonder window breaks What’s happened to me Line 1. “Elm,” Sylvia Plath Line 2. “Romeo and Juliet,” William Shakespeare Line 3. “The Metamorphosis,” Franz Kafka Cento – a form of poetry created from bits and pieces of other poems, song lyrics, literary passages, and the like….

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What beast lurks

resting squirrel

Listen, Can you hear it? What voices, just above a whisper Angry hisses A plaintive cry Is it in the next room, Beneath the trees next door, Or trapped inside my head? Chittering in a language Unknown to man Running footsteps thunder across the roof What horrible creature Lurks in the dark recesses above Never […]

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Not today

I have no patience for you today There’s cat puke to scrape off the desk Black dog hair to vacuum up again, and again, and again Dirty clothes multiplying at horny rabbit rates A fridge full of leftovers no one will ever eat Yet can’t bring themselves to throw out, And still, nothing to fix […]

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Five boxes

The sum total of one man’s days Culled into five identical cardboard boxes An eclectic collection of Sharpie-scented paradoxes Labeled with dates and “fragile” written slantways Sepia photos of teenage lovers in a shiny halcyon haze Rusty skeleton keys without maps to the treasure each unlocks The sum total of one man’s days Culled into […]

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Spring is coming

Under cold, grey skies Delicate, green buds taunt me Eight weeks until spring

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No snooze button

Morning comes early The day begins “in your face” You awake yet mom?

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