Lethal incense

After a harsh winter that left a subtle chill in the air, sunshine and a promise of warmer days was a welcome respite. Eleonora napped under an ancient oak, its tender leaves beginning to spread along its stout limbs, a book opened face down in her lap. A squirrel and a blue jay chased each … Continue reading Lethal incense

Back to nature

Jasper snatched the shovel from Amee and started backfilling the hole she’d dug earlier. She chewed the inside of her cheek, biting off the words simmering in her mouth. Jasper handed her back the shovel, ignoring her peeved expression. “I had it,” Amee finally said. “Sure, and with more practice, you’ll be great,” Jasper said. … Continue reading Back to nature

Water’s fine

“Tell me about this dream again.” I looked unblinkingly at my therapist a moment before closing my eyes so she can’t see me roll them. “I’m at the top some wooden stairs,” I began. “What’s on either side of you.” One eyelid parted a fraction. “Nothing, just steps leading down to a rocky beach.” “And, … Continue reading Water’s fine

Bedtime stories

They sat at a right angle to each other, opposite knees almost touching - he perusing news sites on his smartphone, she absentmindedly counting crochet stitches for her latest project. In their periphery, they both were watching the next show in their Netflix queue. He abruptly planted his feet firmly on the ground and stood … Continue reading Bedtime stories