Her hair fanned out like a copper halo across her pillow. Light of the waning moon spilled through the window giving her skin an ethereal luminescence. Standing at the foot of her bed, he watched the slight rise and fall of her chest. The butterfly flutter of her eyelids, the chance that she’d actually wake … Continue reading Enshrined

Her majesty

A classical beauty, she was tall and slim with an enviable female silhouette. Her flawless skin was as soft and creamy as porcelain; her shoulder-length hair as pale and lustrous as cornsilk. High cheek bones and a caustic tongue, both sharp enough to inflict mortal pain. She sat on a high stool at the bar, … Continue reading Her majesty


It would be easy for me to put it down to boredom, but that would be too simplistic. There were complex undertones and shadowy nuances that played a part in all the decisions leading up to everything I did. But, I was too intent and a glaring flaw in my plan was discovered. A flaw … Continue reading Boredom

Crime scene

Empty plates and utensils, rinsed and stacked in the sink along with drink glasses free of orange juice dregs, were waiting patiently to be loaded into the dishwasher. “I love that you cooked us breakfast. I love that you cleaned up the kitchen, but your attention to the stovetop is sorely lacking.” He slung the … Continue reading Crime scene

Couch cushion fort

I want to return to my uncomplicated childhood when I'd build myself a couch cushion fort, cool and quiet, where I could settle into a nest of blankets and bolsters tucked away in one dim corner. My upholstered stronghold a refuge from puerile troubles, a place to hide from the sinister, faceless monsters lurking behind … Continue reading Couch cushion fort

Best intentions

After November’s NaBloPoMo, I announced grandiose plans to write more, share more personal stories, and continue Works in Progress… ask me how that’s going. In December, I’ve posted once. Of course, I challenged myself during holiday season when I have nothing else to do, like knee surgery rehab. (That’s going very well, thanks for asking). … Continue reading Best intentions