Checking it twice

“Is he in there?” Astrid demanded. “Don’t bother him, he’s busy making toys,” Karol said, blocking entrance to the workshop. “That’s an outright lie,” Astrid tried elbowing past Mrs Claus. “He hasn’t ‘made’ any toys since Tamagotchis were hot. I know he outsources everything, he does it all the time.” “And what if he does?” … Continue reading Checking it twice

Dressing for dinner

The turkey carcass was picked cleaner then if it had been devoured by starving piranhas. Crusty pans and bowls, devoid of any food scraps, along with empty plates, crumb-coated utensils, and greasy serving platters were precariously stacked in an overflowing sink - an Oneida and Corelle homage to the sacrificial bird. Celebrants, sated into tryptophanic … Continue reading Dressing for dinner

Snake in the grass

More from the Dinner Party... “What is on my schedule today, Jasper?” Augustine Stiles pronouncement the word “shed-yool,” regardless of the fact he was born in the U.S. midwest. Mr. Stiles was dressed for the day in khaki twill pants pressed with razor-sharp creases, and a white Oxford shirt accented with a blue and yellow … Continue reading Snake in the grass