The end is near

What has gone before: Goodwood Duxford tales... “While you’ve been here with Grace, the ladies and I have been over at The Magpie,” said Lilith, a newly-deceased resident of Gramberly Cemetery and best friend of Goodwood “Goody” Duxford, cemetery caretaker. “Patsy has quite the library of paranormal reference books.” Goody, Lilith, Frankie (Goody’s girlfriend), Grace (another … Continue reading The end is near

For want of applesauce

“Absent applesauce, you could use mashed bananas or even pureed prunes.” That was the epitome of my life… pureed prunes. It’s not that I wanted the best of anything, I just wanted the normal, everyday things. This time, it was applesauce, yesterday it was a broken heel on a pair of Target sale shoes, tomorrow … Continue reading For want of applesauce