Nothing’s as it seems

Rylee’s bubbly personality and refulgent smile could brighten anyone’s day. Anyone except Clifton. Clifton mistrusted perky people. He believed they were hiding something nefarious behind their shimmering friendliness. It was that perkiness that helped Rylee secure her patients’ advocate position at the VA. Clifton suspected she was a sleeper there to gather intelligence on the … Continue reading Nothing’s as it seems

A nice, long soak in the tub

The newspapers reported it as an accident. A tragic case of absentmindedness, the coroner ruled. Her’s wasn’t a distrait mind, she knew what would happen when she drew the bath. Some argued that it wasn’t daydreaming that distracted her, something sinister kept her from saving herself they said. Perhaps it was my hand holding her … Continue reading A nice, long soak in the tub

New tenants

For the past few years, I’ve had the honor of moderating Two Word Tuesday and The Darkroom for Our Write Side. With the support and participation of our friends there, OWS has enjoyed tremendous growth. To address that, a little restructuring and reformulating has been brewing. Beginning next week, May 1 and 3, Two Word Tuesday … Continue reading New tenants