Skin deep beauty

Sublimely chic, seductively breathy Stylishly smug and fashionably proud The merciless type with skin deep beauty Her features flawless, her body well endowed Not a hair out-of-place, her curl flirtatious Perfectly arched eyebrows can quell any crowd She carries herself with an air of blitheness Indifferent to jealous stares, and shameless lust Like a dancer, … Continue reading Skin deep beauty

Throne of woes

What an exquisite imbroglio we have made This mess of our own doing, our undoing Breaking cardinal rules and throwing shade Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives devaluing Losing our souls whilst claiming all lives matter Brothers, fathers, husbands, sons murdering He who would be king, despot, imposter By deed, by word, by thought, by fear and … Continue reading Throne of woes

Murky in-between

rocky, foggy beach

I struggle within that murky in-between A distant boundary imperceptible Nightmarish creatures lurking unseen Damned to wander a dismal shore eternal Unsteady steps on shifting, rocky sand Wreckage of mournful regrets immortal Abandoned upon that tormented strand No guiding light cutting through the seaward gloom No charted path to traverse the hinterland Is this nocturnal … Continue reading Murky in-between

As charms on a bracelet

Wandering among granite and wrought iron walls Tracing epitaphs etched, dates neglected Wrapped in lingering sorrow like prayer shawls As charms on a bracelets, souls Death collected Trinkets meant to amuse and entertain No more precious than bits of bone dissected Yet each cherished in a heart, love doth sustain Relics kept secret even from … Continue reading As charms on a bracelet