100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction

Your key, sir

“What’s with all the keys?” A basket a filled with hotel keys sat singly atop his dresser like trophies on display. “That’s not all of them,” he said, “Just ones from this month.” Sticking a finger in the pile, I flipped the fobs over to read where he had spent the night. “Do you travel… Continue reading Your key, sir

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Something is in the woods

The crack came unforeseen and deafening like a lightning strike on a clear day. Close enough to raise the hair on his neck, Leo tipped his head back scanning for telltale signs of a pending storm but found only a cloudless, azure sky. The mystifying thunderclap drove birds from the surrounding trees. Their escape momentarily… Continue reading Something is in the woods

100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction, Two Word Tuesday

Gum shoe

Della's mind was as dense as the evening fog rolling over the pier. You could see something moving around in there, but it was never clear what. I curse the day she walked into my shabby, third-floor walk-up office. First thing I deduced was that she was dressed all wrong. Her floral print rayon sundress… Continue reading Gum shoe

100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction, Two Word Tuesday

Nothing’s as it seems

Rylee’s bubbly personality and refulgent smile could brighten anyone’s day. Anyone except Clifton. Clifton mistrusted perky people. He believed they were hiding something nefarious behind their shimmering friendliness. It was that perkiness that helped Rylee secure her patients’ advocate position at the VA. Clifton suspected she was a sleeper there to gather intelligence on the… Continue reading Nothing’s as it seems

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If the shoe fits

“How is he today?” Flora clutched her fingers together in a knot, touching her chin with her thumbs. “He’s been asking for you.” Dr. George Gleason, his hands tucked characteristically into his white lab coat pockets, tipped his head toward a man in a wheelchair across the wide room sitting in a pool of sunshine… Continue reading If the shoe fits