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100 Word Challenge: Justice

One of the only good perks of insomnia is that your overactive brain sometimes reminds you of things you should never forget. Up at the Butt Crack o’ dawn, I was watching TV when a trailer for the new movie,... Continue Reading →

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Tis the season for tough questions

Nearly 20 years ago, when my daughter was still in elementary school, she came home one December afternoon in a state of wretched befuddlement. That day some of her little friends were discussing Santa Claus and his rumored nonexistence. Apparently,... Continue Reading →

Empty nest

Always falling short of his officious, ex-military-man dad’s unattainable expectations, the fledgling sea knight took flight as soon as his wings could carry him over and out of the nest.

Too much to bear

“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” Mia picked dry leaves out of her hair. “Of course, I’m sure.” Aden pushed aside underbrush. Traipsing through the woods looking for a specific tree was a frustrating endeavor. Ten years was a... Continue Reading →

A place in the sun

While away the day Face to the sun, breezes blow Cobwebs from my mind


“Any last words? This is your final chance to make amends, to give your victim’s family some small measure of peace.” The cleric stood at the foot of the executioner’s table, looking down at Ray Vanderweele. The cleric’s dark grey... Continue Reading →

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