100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Wash

It’s laundry day at the House of Roberts and on rare occasions that can mean, “payday.” The menfolk, for whom I will still wash dirty clothes, are negligent in turning tees right-side out, unbuttoning shirts, and emptying pants pockets. In the past I would mention these niceties but it's never made a difference. So… if… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Wash

100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction

Your key, sir

“What’s with all the keys?” A basket a filled with hotel keys sat singly atop his dresser like trophies on display. “That’s not all of them,” he said, “Just ones from this month.” Sticking a finger in the pile, I flipped the fobs over to read where he had spent the night. “Do you travel… Continue reading Your key, sir

Flynn, serial

Bringing down the house

From the beginning... “Were these actually used to cook in?” Jodie sat cross-legged on the hearth of the great hall fireplace facing the back of the firebox. She looked up into its black, soot-stained throat. “The logs they burned must have been ginormous,” she mused, her voice echoing in the capacious chamber. Flynn had jumped… Continue reading Bringing down the house

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Save

Growing up, my mother was what people called, “frugal.” Now, she is considered a consummate recycler. She saves things. Not a hoarder sort of saving, she reuses everything she keeps - rinsed and cleaned plastic bags and foil, margarine and whipped topping tubs, bread bags, and twist ties. She’s even kept once-used dryer sheets to… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Save

100 Word Challenge, Flynn, serial

What the squirrel knew

“Do you have the young wench under your control yet?” Flynn smacked the white squirrel’s nose in rapid succession until Cyril yelped in pain and scurried away. “You needn't have done that,” Cyril rubbed his sore snout, glowering at the warrior cat. “I won’t abide any disrespect toward Jodie,’ Flynn returned Cyril’s glare, hissing through… Continue reading What the squirrel knew