100 Word Challenge: History


I got a new book this week, a retelling of Norse Mythology written by Neil Gaiman. Aside from Gaiman being one of my favorite writers, I also have an affinity for the subject matter. Back in the day, back in the dark ages before the internet and Google, my grandfather researched our family tree, tracing […]

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Beyond the wall

foggy valley

The snow this close to the edge should be hip deep, instead, the temperatures were almost Spring-like. The expedition team wore only light trekking gear. If Col. Jerrod had not made the command order, team seismologist Pater Robie would be in flip-flops and not his required arctic boots. “I can hear rushing water.” Daisy Kendall, […]

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Another lifetime together


They share a love of film noir thrillers, nestled together on the couch on rainy Sundays beneath a warm fleece blanket. Some days there isn’t any need for words, it is enough to just lie curled up side by side. They have a history together. The first time they met, a mutual friend introduced them. In […]

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Flight plan


The physics of it Say should be impossible Flight against all odds

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Flower Fortress

magnolia bud

“It is an anxious peace, Your Highness.” Prince Royce paced around the war suite. His sword and scabbard hung from an ornate finial decorating one ear of his throne. His coat was draped over one arm of the chair. Various other royal accouterments were strewed around the room, left where he dropped them. When he was troubled, […]

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Throne of woes


What an exquisite imbroglio we have made This mess of our own doing, our undoing Breaking cardinal rules and throwing shade Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives devaluing Losing our souls whilst claiming all lives matter Brothers, fathers, husbands, sons murdering He who would be king, despot, imposter By deed, by word, by thought, by fear and […]

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Troll bridge

wooden bridge

There is magic in the world – rainbows and hummingbirds, fireflies and shooting stars. Angels live among us, guardians watching over us, keeping us safe, leading us through the darkness. Kindness still opens sealed doors and moves mountains. A sweet kiss turns frogs into princes, and awakens sleeping princesses. Spells are conjured with words like, […]

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