100 Word Challenge: Voice

I Voted sticker

This week early voting began in my hometown. As I have in previous years, for local, state and national elections, I took advantage of the opportunity to cast my ballot in this presidential race. When I arrived, there were two people at individual booths filling in their ballots, and two people ahead of me waiting […]

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Caution, Danger

red reflective disks

Debris from the wreck was found as far as a half a mile away. Bits and pieces of each vehicle, some no bigger than the diameter of a Starbucks Grande cup, were widely scattered as if by some malevolent tornado. Two intact, round ruby reflectors from Paige Campbell’s vehicle landed in Mr. Luther Madsen’s front […]

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Worth a second look

glimmering spiderweb

Silver threads hidden Among autumn leaves so red Worth a second look

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All points bulletin

broken pink big wheel tricycle

Oscar the Grouch was her accomplice. The ill-tempered and grumpy consigliere would ride shotgun on Cassie’s pink and purple Big Wheel as she terrorized her neighborhood. Lately, the four-year-old was on a grouch spree, spilling red juice on Mrs. Allen’s white carpet, asking her sitter for tuna pie with chocolate sauce for lunch, and demanding […]

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marooned boat on a sandy beach

I can’t be sure what woke me, the seagulls or the sun bearing down on my pastry white skin. I could almost smell it charring under the relentless heat. Opening one eye, I could only see a few billowy clouds in a brilliant azure sky. It hurt to turn my head, but I could feel rough […]

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