Trial run

Clearly, I don't understand the concept that a Mulligan is a one-time redo, not a two-week hiatus. Bygones… Dani's updates are encouraging. During the day, she's letting me closer without running away. At night I'm still her side chick, and if she feels particularly anxious and Mister isn't around, she does look for comfort and … Continue reading Trial run


For several years, I've kept a Bullet Journal. The format has changed a lot. I started with a layout that was rudimentary and stark, soon morphing it into something that would take me a few hours to set up each week's pages. I used sticker, and colored pens and highlighters, elaborate graphics, page tabs. I … Continue reading Longhand


I declare Thursday as my NaBloPoMo mulligan.  Mulligan - golf term: the chance to replay one’s last shot; a do-over for a badly hit shot. Sat down about 7 o’clock to watch the news and next thing I knew it was 2 a.m. I’m like a shark. If shark stops swimming, it drowns and dies. … Continue reading Fore!