No rime or reason

Northern people, those of you accustomed to ice and snow, don’t forget your family and friends in subtropical climes. 

On the rare occasion we experience cold weather – freezing temperatures, ice, sleet, hail, a dusting of snow – we are rendered helpless. Rime on the windows is enough to halt all activities. If it weren’t for this pandemic, white-crusted car windows could justifiably mean calling out of work. 

There are no ice scrapers to be found in local stores… none, anywhere. Unless we’re fortunate enough to get proper equipment sent to us by concerned loved ones, we must resort to food scrapers or spatulas to clear windshields. Who knows where we put the winter gloves. 

Check in with your warm weather people, we are struggling.

4 thoughts on “No rime or reason

  1. It’s funny, but in the winter time, those Florida memes start popping up in my FB feed. You know, the ones where people go bananas in Florida if the temperature drops below 60. 😀

    On a lighter note, I worked for a company that was based in Kentucky (I live in CT) back in the mid 90’s. Among the many things they wasted money on, was to use Airborne Express to send our paychecks to us. One time, they forced us to take cash for our paychecks, due to the fact that Kentucky was due for a rare dusting of some kind and they weren’t sure if our paychecks would get to us in a timely manner.

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    1. On the very rare occasion that roads here in Florida ice over, the roads basically close down. People have no idea how to navigate in typical winter weather conditions.


  2. We are in s temperate climate here. Rarely gets above 28 degrees. A really hot day, and almost unheard of, is 30. Winter hovers around 10 and occasionally drops to 8 – horror, put on more sweaters and turn up the heating. So we have no need of windshield scrapers. But how well i remember winter in Scotland and in Canada. Brhh!

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    1. Had to do a quick Celsius to Fahrenheit conversation… typically it doesn’t get below freezing too often, but everything is so out of whack this year. I half expect to have a white Christmas this year.


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