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For only a moment

A walk in the clouds Fleeting journey through dreamland Praying ne’er to leave

Old lions

A trio of old, hoary campaigners sat in overstuffed, leather chairs positioned in a loose semi-circle in front of a roaring fire. Waiters in white coats silently served them Baron Otard cognac from the club’s prestigious wine and spirits cellar. They sipped the amber digestifs from vintage tulip glasses while musing over their past exploits, the ...

Road weary

Road-weary and brain-numb, Derek rubbed at his gritty eyes, then rolled down his car window. Maybe the cold air would help keep him awake, he had a long, desolate stretch of highway ahead of him. He had driven for hours without seeing a single other car. The only light was his headlamps and the waxing crescent ...

Heritage of war

During the mid-1940's my grandfather worked at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN, as a machinist specialist. Oak Ridge was one of the sites where research and development was done for The Manhattan Project that resulted in the first nuclear weapons used by the U.S. during World War II. My grandfather, grandmother, mother and ...

Wanting to stay

Steam lifted from the saturated forest floor, hot breath of electrified air caused my heart to beat a little faster. Tropical storms, coming after a long, dry winter, couldn’t sate the arid soil. Thirsty for so long, the ground luxuriated in the warm rainwater. Swollen rain drops clung to branches and leaves like impassioned tears. ...

Reflecting pool

Mosaic abstract Flickering, fleeting sunlight Watercolor dreams

Second base

Tiffaneigh wanted to write her memoirs, but worried her life didn’t include enough wonderment to make for compelling reading. If she was only a secret agent, spying on nefarious hooligans, creating dossiers detailing their shenanigans and devilry for black suits at the Fed. There was the infamous, 1992 softball scandal. Cici Parson missed second on her ...

Barking up the wrong tree

Cursed forest, danger! Its bark is worse than its bite Unless its bark bites