Caution, Danger

red reflective disks

Debris from the wreck was found as far as a half a mile away. Bits and pieces of each vehicle, some no bigger than the diameter of a Starbucks Grande cup, were widely scattered as if by some malevolent tornado. Two intact, round ruby reflectors from Paige Campbell’s vehicle landed in Mr. Luther Madsen’s front […]

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Worth a second look

glimmering spiderweb

Silver threads hidden Among autumn leaves so red Worth a second look

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Snowbirds have landed

seagull at marina

You from around here? Where can I get fresh seafood? I’m not a tour guide I live in a coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is a popular tourist destination. There are two seasons here – summer and snowbird. Beginning in March with Spring Break through Labor Day weekend, the summer people come […]

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No light, no escape

do not walk on dune sign on beach

A briny wind blew in from the sea bringing a murky fog that blocked out all sunlight. It rolled across scrub covered dunes, coming to an abrupt halt at an unsteady, wooden slat fence. The slats twisted in the wind, as if trying to break free of their binding. The shrill whistle made when the […]

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churning ocean wave

Sea waves curl and churn Spilling o’er the horizon Its secrets revealed

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