The great outdoors calls

Even before my knee surgery, I was pretty much a slug. I had stopped hiking and photogging, It hurt too much to walk so much. I felt heavy and spiritless. I hope to change that.

Over the weekend, I charge all my camera batteries. I worried that they had been so drained of power that they wouldn’t take a charge. I was given another digital camera by a friend and I charged those batteries too.

New knee, powered up camera batteries… what more do I need? (Besides sturdy shoes, a full water bottle, iPhone with GPS, snacks, gadget vest, weather appropriate clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and change of clothes.)

I want so much to get back to my long walks. I had the best story ideas while I was on my ambles. I haven’t been able to settle my brain for a while, and I think that’s why. I need to recharge my imagination batteries too.

With both menfolk gone during the day at work, I have a good eight hours to myself. My housework takes really no time to do, even less excuses to get outside. The good thing is that there are so many great places I can go that are close to home, so if the bionics get fatigued, I can get home easily.

I have a couple walking sticks (they look like ski poles but are for dry ground trekking)… somewhere. If I can find those, I’m golden. If not, I have a hand-carved walking stick that will work beautifully for back-up support.

I’m almost as excited about my plans for resuming my walking routine as I was initially about knee surgery.

Add bonus… pix for the blog. I’ve sorely missed my Photo Hikes, I hope you all have too.

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