hosta flower and bee
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Sweet talker

More of Andrew's story... The drive to the country was spent running scenarios. What to say, what to ask, what to reveal. The last time Nori spoke to Kathryn Ransom Brownlee it was at the funeral of Ashley Ransom - Nori’s best friend and Kathryn’s only child. After the service, Kathryn gave Nori several boxes… Continue reading Sweet talker

colorful heart shaped booked
November15, Real Life

Holidays past

The plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend include climbing into the dark abyss that is our attic, halogen lamp in hand, topography map at the ready, GPS coordinates memorized, all to successfully locate and transport our Christmas decorations into the living room. It will be a family event. The Boy, our Girl, the Mister and… Continue reading Holidays past

Andrew, Flash Fiction, November15, serial

What the water gave up

More of Andrew's Story... “Did you see the news this morning?” Nori’s sister, Paula, puttered around the living room, fluffing couch pillows and rearranging knick-knacks on Nori’s book shelves. Rolling her eyes, Nori took note of what to replace once her visitor left. “No,” Nori said, “I went out to the jetty to clear my head.”… Continue reading What the water gave up

helium balloon release
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99 lead balloons

“Isabelle, I need to settle up my tab.” Stretched out on a thrifty store reject Chesterfield, Isabelle turned a languid eye toward her best client. Draping her arm off the narrow edge, she rummaged through the red foil wrappers in a nearly empty box of chocolates searching for any leftover cordials. “It’s a sizable account,”… Continue reading 99 lead balloons

under highway bridge
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Armed for battle

I mentioned to some friends that lately I’ve been feeling out of sorts, and thought maybe my thyroid levels were off. I have Hashimoto’s which means that little butterfly shaped gland in my neck is a slacker, and doesn’t work so well. My regular physicians moved, so I was meeting a new doctor on Tuesday… Continue reading Armed for battle

Red ferris wheel
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What goes up

More from the Dinner Party “I’m scared.” “What is there to be scared of?” Ray put his arm around Jillian, drawing her close. “Just look at this view.” “It’s not that,” she said. “The ride will start again soon, they always stop it like this,” he said. “It’s okay.” “No, Ray,” she said. “It’s not… Continue reading What goes up

sunlight filtering through trees
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Mind the gap

In between what is real and what is a dream That altered state of possibilities and actualities Mind the gap Do not get swept away in the deluge Nor blinded by the flood lights Mind the gap Keep moving forward, upward Don’t stop, don’t turn back Mind the gap When all seems lost, And Peace… Continue reading Mind the gap