Without peer

sunset at the pier

I don’t know why I am drawn more to sunsets than sunrises, to the dark rather than the light.

There is a sense of magic about the night. A solitude not given to daybreak. A stillness to the day that I can feel. As if all the stress falls away, dipping below my own horizon into that endless sea.

I can hear my heart beat slow. My breathing syncs with the gentle waves, and my mind clears as the clouds part, and the setting sun breaks through.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: share a nighttime photo

12 thoughts on “Without peer

  1. I love sunsets more than sunrises too. It may speak to my whole dark, tortured bullcrap psyche thing, but this piece spoke for me in that sense.


  2. We had some fabulous sunrises and sunsets at our last house.
    We have some lovely views here on the marina, but because our position is different, it throws me sometimes. The reflection of the moon on the water though is fabulous.

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