Final setting sun

Soft sand, a sea breeze Sun slipping into the sea Whispering goodnight After more than seven years, WordPress has decided to end it’s photo and writing prompts. This is the final Weekly Photo Challenge. We were asked to share our favorite photos. This picture was taken at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, […]

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Be the light

The sky darkened from a warm gold to a fiery crimson sending uneasy whispers through villagers gathered on the beach. The sun was slowly sinking toward the horizon, a solemn end to the 100-year Light Day, Once the light was extinguished in the ocean, the world would be plunged into a perpetual night for the […]

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The Dark Day

The whole village gathered at the shore. Even the Old came, some walked on their own while others were carried to the seaside in palanquins. Whispers seeped through the village that a few of the Old were alive when The Dark Day ended more than 100 years ago. A mixture of fear and anticipation flowed […]

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Life is golden

paddle boarding at sunset

A trick of the eye An ocean of liquid gold Glowing ambience

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Ebb and flow

sunset at beach pavilion

Some evenings when I am gifted with a brilliant end to my day, I can almost hear the sun sinking into the ocean with a muted hiss, or perhaps more of an ‘ahhhh…’ Like slipping into a warm tub, to soak away worries and stress. Alone on the beach, sharing the spectacle with only the […]

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Without peer

sunset at the pier

I don’t know why I am drawn more to sunsets than sunrises, to the dark rather than the light. There is a sense of magic about the night. A solitude not given to daybreak. A stillness to the day that I can feel. As if all the stress falls away, dipping below my own horizon […]

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