100 Word Challenge

Service with a smile

Picking at an upholstery tear in the showroom chair, she fumed over her second trip that day to get her car serviced. “Having fun yet?” her Mister texted. “He’s running a diagnostic making sure it’s right this time,” she vehemently poked her phone keys. She stared at the service bay window angry enough to burn… Continue reading Service with a smile

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Common

My husband and I are very different. Where he is pragmatic, I can be irascible. He is annoyingly stoic, I am perilously temperamental. He is a hopeless romantic, I can’t remember birthday or anniversary dates. I love seafood, he doesn't want to eat anything that swims in its own pee. I've started leaning politically toward… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Common

100 Word Challenge

Another lifetime together

They share a love of film noir thrillers, nestled together on the couch on rainy Sundays beneath a warm fleece blanket. Some days there isn't any need for words, it is enough to just lie curled up side by side. They have a history together. The first time they met, a mutual friend introduced them. In… Continue reading Another lifetime together

bent over tree
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Too much to bear

“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” Mia picked dry leaves out of her hair. “Of course, I’m sure.” Aden pushed aside underbrush. Traipsing through the woods looking for a specific tree was a frustrating endeavor. Ten years was a long time in a tree’s life. "It won’t still be that little sapling.” Mia turned… Continue reading Too much to bear

anniversary roses
100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Forever

Yesterday, June 14, was my 30th wedding anniversary. Our wedding was held the day after my husband graduated college, and about a week before we moved three hours away from family and friends. The event was the culmination of one blind date and three years of courting - two years of which were long-distance - before… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Forever

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100 Word Challenge, Flash Fiction

Stumbling in the dark

“The power’s out” “No, shit.” Stumbling in the dark, Sawyer barked his shin against the coffee table in the living room, letting loose a stream of obscenities. “That was unnecessary.” Janel bumped into the back of the couch. “Stand still, I’ll find you.” She edged along the top of the cushions, arms out, hands open. As… Continue reading Stumbling in the dark