Snowbirds have landed

seagull at marina

You from around here? Where can I get fresh seafood? I’m not a tour guide I live in a coastal town on the Gulf of Mexico that is a popular tourist destination. There are two seasons here – summer and snowbird. Beginning in March with Spring Break through Labor Day weekend, the summer people come […]

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churning ocean wave

Sea waves curl and churn Spilling o’er the horizon Its secrets revealed

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Playground nostalgia

playground sit and spin

Whirling ’til I puke Leaping from a sky-high swing Blistering park slides

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Mob rules

concrete stairs

I step to the edge Staring into the abyss Shouts from below, “Jump!”

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Future gazing

leaves reflected in a birdbath

A still reflection Scrying fortunes from its depths What futures divined?

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