Category: Haiku

A golden drop

Nature's golden drop Syrup so sweet on the tongue Childhood memories

The sound of silence

Alone with my thoughts Seagulls constantly intrude With lame knock-knock jokes

Weathering away

say my name out loud before wind and rainfall come and wash me away

New growth

Springing from ashes Sun-scorched bones of harsh years past Stronger, wiser, new

Worth the climb

Treacherous ascent Summit unattainable Rise, begin again

River Serene

Worries float away Upon peaceful cool waters Cricket lullabies

Be bold

Living should not have Warning labels, be bold, be Experimental

Transient wishes

Fluttering wishes They come to rest, know not where Blink, they’re forgotten

A peek in the pantry

Laying stores of grain A long winter is coming While grasshoppers dance