Rare crimson

crimson pitcher plants

Deadly rare flower Hunter becomes the hunted Must eat to survive   The Sarracenia leucophylla (crimson pitcher plant), a carnivorous flower endemic to the southeast, is listed as endangered in Florida and Georgia due in part to poaching and loss of its unique wetland environment. Prey is attracted by nectar glands under the lid of the […]

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Summer fun

pink, flowery galoshes

You’re never too old For pastel, pink galoshes And puddle jumping

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Portrait of a lifer

close-up of a cotton top tamarin monkey

Resigned to his fate Old man in an iron cage Life without parole

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Morning dew

pink blueberry blossoms covered in dew

Bedazzled blossoms Glimmering with morning dew More precious than gold

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Narrow passage

narrow white brick passage

Whitewashed prison walls Spirits haunt stark, narrow halls A mournful voice calls Photo taken at Fort Barrancass, aboard Naval Air Station, Pensacola.

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