Said the spider to the fly

A walk in the park
Songbirds trilling in the trees
Guard warns, none shall pass

My Mister and I went on a hike recently at our local state park (pre-surgery.) Our entrance to the trail was barred by spiderwebs that stretched across the whole width of the path. Not by one spider’s web, but five spiders’ webs.

The Golden Silk spider is native to Florida and males can reach almost three inches in length, not including leg span. Their webs can be more than three feet wide. They like to string their webs across open areas… like a hiking trail.


2 thoughts on “Said the spider to the fly

    1. Then you would have hated this. There were at least three webs stretches across the trail head, all at shoulder level. They were high enough that we could duck under them. If we had missed them, we would have walked face-first into them.


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