Spring green

Went for a walk in the woods with the Mister and my little Lab, Asta, this week. I really need to bring my camera with me next time. iPhone photos are nice in the small, but they aren’t good for high-resolution pix. It is definitely spring here. So much green and finally, we’re seeing live […]

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The great outdoors calls

Even before my knee surgery, I was pretty much a slug. I had stopped hiking and photogging, It hurt too much to walk so much. I felt heavy and spiritless. I hope to change that. Over the weekend, I charge all my camera batteries. I worried that they had been so drained of power that […]

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Said the spider to the fly

A walk in the park Songbirds trilling in the trees Guard warns, none shall pass My Mister and I went on a hike recently at our local state park (pre-surgery.) Our entrance to the trail was barred by spiderwebs that stretched across the whole width of the path. Not by one spider’s web, but five […]

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100 Word Challenge: Quiet

blue sky and white cumulus clouds

When I go on my photo walks, I sometimes miss the best photos because I’m simply sitting and watching, feeling, breathing in the incredible beauty that surrounds me. For most of these trips, I am alone… and I don’t just mean that I don’t bring one of my peeps or a friend with me, but […]

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Chance encounter

coiled cottonmouth

Grayson Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida – one of my favorite local hiking venues – has the unique distinction of being located between the Gulf of Mexico on one side, and a handful of rare coastal lakes on the other. These lakes are an unusual mix of both salt and fresh water eco-systems. Dividing the two […]

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While I’m here

orange and brown mushroom

It’s the last day of November, and I’ve successfully completely NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) A posting published each day for 30 days, each one including a short list of grateful things. Seemed like an appropriate theme for November. Each post was also much more personal than the majority of my stories. Maybe you learned […]

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