While I’m here

orange and brown mushroom

It’s the last day of November, and I’ve successfully completely NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) A posting published each day for 30 days, each one including a short list of grateful things. Seemed like an appropriate theme for November.

Each post was also much more personal than the majority of my stories. Maybe you learned something new about me, or learned far more than you wanted. Bygones…

To celebrate the final day of November, and to perhaps start down that arduous road to redemption for all I ate on Thursday, my husband and I took our dogs to the park for a long walk.

Of course, something so simple and so routine, couldn’t remain easy. Half-way down the first of two hiking paths we usually use, I tripped over a tree root hidden under a pile of dry leaves. I went down like a felled magnolia, all arms and legs, no grace nor lady-like utterances.

Scared the dogs, scared the Mister, and probably shook a few more dead leaves out of the canopy. May have even shifted the earth on its axis a micrometer.

After the past 29 days of looking for the good in my life, I took this singular opportunity to snap the photo of a beautiful autumn mushroom from my unique perspective.

I’m grateful for:

1. A partner who doesn’t laugh when I bust my ass being a klutz
2. A beautiful state park mere miles from my home
3. Having the presence of mind, despite my injuries, to take a photo while lying on my back
3a. Not carrying my new iPhone 6 in my back pocket, keeping it from being damaged when I landed
4. November only having 30 days, and not 31…

365 Days of Grace


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