convergent clouds

A strident environment,

Unyielding and discordant,
The catalyst for metamorphosis triumphant.
Transforming archaic beliefs emergent,
Their nurtured nature intransigent.
Truth will find fulfillment,
Regardless of errant agents
Undermining change eloquent.

Incoherent arguments maleficent,
Weak and indefensible, transient.
Volume and vitriol add nothing intelligent
To a unredeemable comportment.
False prophets who deliver abhorrent preachment,
Fueling their arrogance for celebrity attainment,
Will suffer their own infinite judgment
At the feet of power omnipotent

Love and acceptance convergent
Soothe human bereavement.
Innocence is gifted with a covenant
Of hope for generations of disenfranchisement.
With hearts pure and benevolent,
Our last contingency against compassion impoverishment.

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “explore the ways lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways through photography.”

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