With this post, I have successfully completed August’s National Blog Posting Month. The theme for the month was “Mnemonic,” which is “a device used to help remember something.” What it made me remember is that I don’t like mnemonics, or having to follow rules. Even self-imposed rules. Throughout the week, Monday to Saturday, I followed my […]

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Storm clouds

storm clouds

This wasn’t some passive summer zephyr. No gentle breezes to ruffle our beach blankets, and tease the canvas umbrella. It was a tempest moving quickly towards shore. A broken bar code of rain tumbled headlong across the horizon. Fishing boats struggled through the onslaught of boiling waves, rocking precariously upon the breakers. Frantic schools of […]

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Yard sale

hand-painted for sale sign

It was actually happening. After all those years of joking about it, Mister finally agreed. I’m not sure if I wore him down, or convinced him it was a good idea. We sold off everything, bought an RV and made plans to travel the U.S. The yard sale was his idea. His way of needling me, […]

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alien graffiti

I was a youngster when they returned, with their massive airships and mind-boggling technology. They promised to depart their knowledge to us. They promised prosperity, they promised an end to disease and disability. What they didn’t tell us was at what cost – total domination. What they didn’t expect was how advanced we became during […]

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Proceed with caution

warning sign

He should come with a warning sign. As a necessary providence, there should be a barrier of yellow caution tape cordoning off access from unwitting females so they can’t get too close. His charisma is a malignant contagion, casing a pall of invisibility over everyone around him. His endless need for attention an all consuming […]

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Backstories and foreshadows

backlit leaf, vein detail

Coursing through my veins, a pulse that throbs to the point of pain, is this need to purge the words inside my head. Lit from within, they boil and churn, sometimes in a coherent rhythm, sometimes in a vortex of confusion and madness. Unbidden, they emerge as fully formed creatures, with backstories and foreshadows. They […]

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