With this post, I have successfully completed August’s National Blog Posting Month. The theme for the month was “Mnemonic,” which is “a device used to help remember something.” What it made me remember is that I don’t like mnemonics, or having to follow rules. Even self-imposed rules.

Throughout the week, Monday to Saturday, I followed my  theme. On Sundays, I broke things up with pix from my photo hikes. I tossed in a few extra random posts, and included one where I gave a hint for how I was keeping to the NaBloPoMo theme of “Mnemonic.”

Initially, I thought I could build a sentence using each daily word. That was too complicated, so I just kept with the alphabet. The titles didn’t necessarily reflect the word, but each post did emphasize the “idea” of the word.

Amusement Boots Childhood Desolate Eclipse Façade Greeting
Hero Ice Jezebel Knot Liar Miracle Night
Odd Petal Quarrel Raconteur Sabotage Third Understanding
Vein Warning Xenophobia Yard sale Zephyr
NaBloPoMo badge August '14
31/31 – Mnemonic Complete

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