This way up

gravestone with pointing finger

You don’t have to worry. God and me, we’re okay. We talk almost every day. I call Him Big G, and He calls me little t. Most of the time we get along great, sometimes we don’t. He does stuff that really pisses me off, and I know that He’s none too happy with me on occasion. […]

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Happy trails

Wesley Houses Eden Gardens

I’ve missed several weeks of photo hikes, and I can tell a difference in my general well-being. These outings were always a restorative exercise. A chance to spend time outdoors, with no worries, no deadlines, no plans other than to take pictures of anything and everything that catches my eye. This weekend, I want need […]

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When pie is king

peeled green apples

This Thanksgiving we will have an added visitor sharing dinner with us. My daughter’s beau is to be a honored guest. A unique situation for me, since this is the first time a swain has been invited to our family celebration. I do Thanksgiving up right. I start cooking early in the week, prepping what […]

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Blown out flip flop

flip flops

If I wasn’t already dead, I’d die of embarrassment. A flip flop was the cause of my demise. Not mine, of course. I wouldn’t be caught dead in such low-class footwear. Oh, I see. That’s right, I am dead. I keep forgetting. It was such a silly thing really. My friends were forever telling me […]

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Last meal

old grocery store

Mr. Walker strolled the grocery aisles, armed with a feather brush, he raised little clouds of dust as he cleaned rows and rows of canned goods. He stocked all the necessary staples – Spam, pork and beans, Vienna Sausages, Saltines, tune (packed in oil), Campbell’s soups (tomato, chicken noodle and cream of chicken), Del Monte peaches […]

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Morning rush

cinnamon roll and coffee

The air had a sweet, crispness to it. Fall was fast approaching and I welcomed the break from the oppressive summer heat. Morning commuters hurrying past the coffee shop where I stopped for breakfast were just part of the scenery. I barely noticed the foot and car traffic. Enjoying a quiet moment with my newspaper […]

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