Toy box

box of wooden toys

Years pass too quickly Tiny blocks and wooden tops Childhood mementos Paint fades, memories ne’er will Kept safe in a mother’s heart

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Magician’s apprentice

They both knew the day would come when the student surpassed the teacher. He was no longer the trusty sidekick, the apprentice to a mentor. In a supreme test of power to decide who was the master, they prepared for a final battle. No mere quarrel, this was a fight to the death. Each drawing on […]

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A salty lullaby

Sunrise at the beach

During the first months of my life, I swam in the warm ocean of my mother’s womb. Adrift on gentle waves, I breathed in her briny abundance, and was soothed to sleep by her tender lullaby. Salt pulsed through my veins, creating an undeniable bond with the sea. Hours from the end of my life, […]

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Frog prince

brown frog

Will you recognize your prince? Can you look past the warts, See his regal countenance? Shiny armor is a thin veneer, Weak in its forging. False heroes are never clear. True champions need no trophies. A smile, a laugh their prize. Your heart they hope to appease. Be open to fate, take a chance With […]

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Our Mabel


In a family full of rowdy boys, she was our little angel. Never a whimper, or complaint, she always smiled. Tiny from birth, she looked like a porcelain doll, our perfect little lady. We thought she was the answer to our prayers. We didn’t realize the answer instead was, “no.”

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Drives her crazy

The long drop to her driver’s seat jarred her teeth. In the lower position, her eyes were level with the top of the steering wheel, her knees brushed the bottom of the wheel. It shouldn’t have surprised her, since her husband drove her car the day before. Grabbing the seat’s adjustment lever, she yanked on […]

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