A writer of tales


I think I was born with a book in my hands. Once I met Dick, Jane and Spot, and learned how to control that magical superpower – reading – there was no stopping me. I flew dragons on Pern, rode sandworms across the vast deserts of Dune, and sailed the oceans aboard a pink sea […]

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Gone fishin’

fishing poles at the beach

The teenagers took a break from their digging. Using the old shovels they took from their grandpa’s tool shed as levers, they climbed out of the waist-deep hole. They tossed the shovels across mounds of loose dirt, then found shade under a spreading oak. Sprawling out on the soft grass, Joss pulled his dusty T-shirt […]

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Family tree

homemade paper dolls

When my grandfather was in his late 60s, his poor health forced him to retire. He needed something to keep himself occupied so he wouldn’t drive my Grandma Momo nuts. Being a history buff, he immersed himself in genealogy. Not sure why he chose to trace Momo’s family instead of his own, but her history […]

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Flying lessons

baby birds

“I’ll call when I get back in town.” The tinny timbre of her voice amplified the distance between them. “The conference ends today, but my flight home puts me back at Hartsfield around 3 a.m. tomorrow.” “I can meet you, that way you won’t need a taxi.” He hoped he didn’t sound too needy. “Don’t […]

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A nomad life

Having raised my kids to the brink of adulthood – our oldest ][ this close to venturing out completely on her own, and the other impatiently (that’s my impatience, not his) waiting for word on whether he made the cut for the inaugural class for a new technical training program at our neighborhood state college – I […]

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Big bad George

As much as I complain about my menfolk’s tendancies toward packrattery, I have to confess that I am reluctant to part with possessions too. Tucked away in a secret place in my bedroom closet, I keep my childhood comfort toy. This is George. George has been with me since I was about five. He was […]

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