A nomad life

Having raised my kids to the brink of adulthood – our oldest ][ this close to venturing out completely on her own, and the other impatiently (that’s my impatience, not his) waiting for word on whether he made the cut for the inaugural class for a new technical training program at our neighborhood state college – I daydream about what a true empty nest looks like.

I grouse about that – the empty nest part – having tied my identity so closely to my children and motherhood – but there are so many possibilities.

When they were much younger, my Mister and I would tease our kids about visiting them in their homes once we retire. We’d eat all their food, spill red juice on their carpets, and make general nuisances of ourselves… you know, just like, well, they did.

My favorite fantasy, one that I have shared with them and my Mister, is selling all our earthly possessions and buying a luxury RV. Hitting the road, traveling to all those wondrous places I’ve dreamed of, and living the life of a nomad.

Recently the History Channel aired a documentary featuring the Ten Best National Parks. I was plotting my itinerary before the show ended. More than 50 Florida State Parks offer camping facilities. Of those, many have resident manager programs. In exchange for a few hours a week maintaining the campground, a manager is given free camping privileges. Maybe National Parks have a similar program.

How cool would it be to travel the country, staying in National Parks free-of-charge, embracing the very best of America? I would clean bath houses and pick up trash for that job.

I wonder if my father-in-law would let us borrow his camper?

homemade trailer

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Submitted to the Daily Prompt: Writing challenge – “What would life be like without a ‘home base’.” and/or Photo challenge – “Travel”

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