Spring green

Went for a walk in the woods with the Mister and my little Lab, Asta, this week. I really need to bring my camera with me next time. iPhone photos are nice in the small, but they aren't good for high-resolution pix. It is definitely spring here. So much green and finally, we're seeing live … Continue reading Spring green

Crime scene

Empty plates and utensils, rinsed and stacked in the sink along with drink glasses free of orange juice dregs, were waiting patiently to be loaded into the dishwasher. “I love that you cooked us breakfast. I love that you cleaned up the kitchen, but your attention to the stovetop is sorely lacking.” He slung the … Continue reading Crime scene

In-house hero

My superhero power has saved the day A-GAIN! I found something Mister has been looking for for a while and I didn't even know he’d been searching for it. Just opened a closet door and voila - like magic. "You been missing this?" *Holding up lost thing that should not have been in said closet* … Continue reading In-house hero