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100 Word Challenge: Obsession

I like to crochet. It calms me. My aunt taught me how to make basic granny squares when I was around ten. Since then I taught myself how to read a pattern chart and have, to some degree, mastered a few difficult techniques. It's not a craft that I practice all the time. I’ll get… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Obsession

100 Word Challenge, Real Life

100 Word Challenge: Breakfast

She asks if he slept well. He sighs at her, noncommittal on his morning condition. “Would you like some breakfast? Eggs, waffles?” He grimaces. Not from the mention of food, but from having to make a decision. She continues loading dirty dishes, waiting. “Waffles.” Nodding, she begins pulling ingredients out of the cabinets. “Would you… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Breakfast

100 Word Challenge, Poems, Real Life

Parade ready

She assembles intentions with great care, Positioning them in a tight phalanx, An army of brave soldiers preparing for warfare. First to last, major to minor, at parade ready. Her ambitions await her direction, A cue to proceed into the nebulous fray. Tensions high, anticipation hopeful. Best laid plans can be lead stray Without reinforcements… Continue reading Parade ready

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With respect and gratitude

The nose turret from a B25 Mitchell houses a machine gun capable of firing 450 .50 cal. rounds per minute. This bomber was flown by the Doolittle Raiders during the first air attack on Japan in 1942 following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Raider crews trained at Eglin Air Force Base near Fort Walton… Continue reading With respect and gratitude