Say What?

Mister and I are in the process of having some major renovations done on our house. (Think: addition, new doors and windows, upgraded siding and new hurricane compliant roof.)

One of the main things we had to do in preparation for all of this was to have several large trees removed in our backyard, and two others significantly trimmed.

We started this project back in April and after several weeks of unforeseeable misdirections and delays, the work seems to be finally going forward. On Wednesday, our Contractor Guy came by to give us an update on how the project was proceeding. He was doing a “walkabout” to get a better idea of what needed done, especially now that all the tree work had been completed.

Backstory: In early March I began aggressively trying to lose weight. In the last three months, the time since I last saw CG, I’m down about 25 pounds. Noticeable difference you would assume. This will be important.

I went outside to talk with CG, who was deep in conversation with Mister, he turns and comes up to me to shake my hand saying, “the transformation is amazing!”

I was stunned that he would say something so personal, but secretly gratified my hard work losing all those pounds was appreciated.

That was until he went on to add that trimming all the trees really opened up the backyard. “Looks like the yard doubled in size.”

I may be a little more sensitive about the weight thing than I realized. Glad I didn’t say, “thank you.” That would have been awkward.

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