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100 Word Challenge: Favorite

As much as I like to write (big) words, I like taking (pretty) pictures even more. Over the past year, I have published at least one of my own photos for each of my written posts. The gallery represents the top 12 images from 2017. (Based on the number of Likes each photo received from you,… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Favorite

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Often when I go for a photo hike, I have no particular intent. I’m not seeking any specific wildlife or native flora. I take pictures of things I think are interesting or pretty. Sometimes, once I get home and can scrutinize each photo in detail, I find surprises. Things that I missed on first snap,… Continue reading Satisfaction guaranteed

coiled cottonmouth
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Chance encounter

Grayson Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - one of my favorite local hiking venues - has the unique distinction of being located between the Gulf of Mexico on one side, and a handful of rare coastal lakes on the other. These lakes are an unusual mix of both salt and fresh water eco-systems. Dividing the two… Continue reading Chance encounter

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Hot on the trail

Saturday morning, I went on a photo hike for the first time in months. It was Mojave Hot. I was grateful for what shade I did have, and for the water I remembered to bring. I stayed away from the tourist-packed beaches, and instead took a ramble in the woods around Blackwater River State Park,… Continue reading Hot on the trail