A long anticipated photo hike

Last month I received an early birthday present… a new digital camera. My old camera was bonked, unusable, and had been for months… possible a year or more. The battery latch was broken and duct tape apparently is not the universal fix. Long discontinued, camera replacement parts weren’t available.

Fortunately, my new camera and my old lenses, are compatible. I am in photography heaven.

Today, for my birthday, I treated myself to a long, overdue photo hike. I didn’t go far, but took my time traipsing around familiar trails snapping pix of whatever caught my eye.

Images of a Florida autumn in bloom.

8 thoughts on “A long anticipated photo hike

  1. I couldn’t sleep tonight because the thought of starting to blog again kept my mind racing
    So glad to see you still have yours, and that you got a new camera!
    Looking forward to more of your beautiful pictures!

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    1. I’ve not been as prolific as I once was, but I’m slowly getting back up to speed. The new camera will help with that. I’m also looking forward to new posts from you!

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