It’s been a while

I didn’t realize it had been six months since I was here last. Time flies… Dani is still our little neurotic pup, but she is doing so much better. She is now walking on a leash! This a funny story. When we first brought her home, trying to get Dani in a harness was an […]

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A long anticipated photo hike

Last month I received an early birthday present… a new digital camera. My old camera was bonked, unusable, and had been for months… possible a year or more. The battery latch was broken and duct tape apparently is not the universal fix. Long discontinued, camera replacement parts weren’t available. Fortunately, my new camera and my […]

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Spring green

Went for a walk in the woods with the Mister and my little Lab, Asta, this week. I really need to bring my camera with me next time. iPhone photos are nice in the small, but they aren’t good for high-resolution pix. It is definitely spring here. So much green and finally, we’re seeing live […]

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Hitting the ground strolling

Today I went for my first solo hike since my knee surgery. Well, almost solo – Asta was with me. You know just in case I needed her to channel Lassie and seek help if I fell down a well, or the marsh embankment. We went slowly, navigating the gradual inclines and uneven ground without […]

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Rare crimson

crimson pitcher plants

Deadly rare flower Hunter becomes the hunted Must eat to survive   The Sarracenia leucophylla (crimson pitcher plant), a carnivorous flower endemic to the southeast, is listed as endangered in Florida and Georgia due in part to poaching and loss of its unique wetland environment. Prey is attracted by nectar glands under the lid of the […]

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Three deaths

three orange fungi

Tawny fungi spread Entwined among rotten stumps Beauty grows from death

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