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Bicycle Crossing

There was an old man quite addled His antics notoriously fabled He'd ride his bike sans britches Through forest brambles and switches 'Cause he liked his bare bottom paddled

Death loses His way

Death got lost on His way to a collection Being male, He refused to ask for direction Relying only on His GPS An error message stalled progress Allowing His prey time for resurrection * In remembrance of Sir Terry Pratchett, author and creator of Discworld; died March 12, 2015.

spiderweb zigzag pattern

Zigged when she should have zagged

An itsy, bitsy gal Fell into a keg of pale ale She refused to crawl out Though she preferred to drink stout She zigged instead of zagged all the way to jail *Featuring a Black-and-Yellow Argiope, or Yellow Garden Orbweaver, a spider common to Florida.

sock monkey ornament

Sock monkey bread

There once was a woolen simian Who loved Christmas toast with cinnamon Slathered in sugar and butter His heart was all aflutter When he ran out of bread, he used a hamburger bun