Death loses His way

Death got lost on His way to a collection Being male, He refused to ask for direction Relying only on His GPS An error message stalled progress Allowing His prey time for resurrection * In remembrance of Sir Terry Pratchett, author and creator of Discworld; died March 12, 2015.

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Zigged when she should have zagged

spiderweb zigzag pattern

An itsy, bitsy gal Fell into a keg of pale ale She refused to crawl out Though she preferred to drink stout She zigged instead of zagged all the way to jail *Featuring a Black-and-Yellow Argiope, or Yellow Garden Orbweaver, a spider common to Florida.

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Sock monkey bread

sock monkey ornament

There once was a woolen simian Who loved Christmas toast with cinnamon Slathered in sugar and butter His heart was all aflutter When he ran out of bread, he used a hamburger bun

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