Zigged when she should have zagged

spiderweb zigzag pattern

An itsy, bitsy gal
Fell into a keg of pale ale
She refused to crawl out
Though she preferred to drink stout
She zigged instead of zagged all the way to jail

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “Share with us your own take on zigging and zagging…”

*Featuring a Black-and-Yellow Argiope, or Yellow Garden Orbweaver, a spider common to Florida.

8 thoughts on “Zigged when she should have zagged

  1. What a great picture to represent the zig zag challenge! I saw you commented on mt blog awhile back and I wrote this there. I feel so bad about this. Thanks so much for the comment. I am so sorry, I just now found it.(Pending comment.) I have been doing this blog for over a year and still get overwhelmed and lost in what I am doing. Today I am trying to put an image widget on and it will not work. Giving up for awhile after an hour. I think it is way more simple than I am making it. Maybe since I can actually do video, (which I could not where I lived prior) I can watch and learn now easier.Just wanted to apologize and let you know here where you will see it.


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