Said the spider to the fly

A walk in the park Songbirds trilling in the trees Guard warns, none shall pass My Mister and I went on a hike recently at our local state park (pre-surgery.) Our entrance to the trail was barred by spiderwebs that stretched across the whole width of the path. Not by one spider’s web, but five […]

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Writing is on the web

writing spider web

Itsy was in trouble… again. Sitting in the academy headmaster’s outer office, she kept dodging the disapproving glare of Miss Muffet. Rumor had it that the old crone had been a fixture of the private school since the reign of Old King Cole. Shifting on the tattered tuffet, Itsy was sure that the uncomfortable seating […]

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Master weaver

large golden spider

~ Spider Warning ~ Beautiful, yet deadly. Gossamer threads, as thin as a strand of hair, veil the path. An intricate tapestry, woven with the precision of a master, stronger than steel, yet soft as silk. As mysterious as Anansi’s workshop where he strings pearls of dew on misty mornings. Each bead a story of […]

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Zigged when she should have zagged

spiderweb zigzag pattern

An itsy, bitsy gal Fell into a keg of pale ale She refused to crawl out Though she preferred to drink stout She zigged instead of zagged all the way to jail *Featuring a Black-and-Yellow Argiope, or Yellow Garden Orbweaver, a spider common to Florida.

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A lethal tapestry

The spiral net trembles under the weight of its captive. Hopelessly struggling to free itself from the fatal trap, its voiceless screams of terror reverberating along gossamer strands, harmonizing with its ever weakening death throes. Silver threads so fragile, yet stronger than steel, deadly as a garotte. A lethal tapestry woven on a artisan’s loom. […]

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