Master weaver

~ Spider Warning ~

Beautiful, yet deadly.

Gossamer threads, as thin as a strand of hair, veil the path. An intricate tapestry, woven with the precision of a master, stronger than steel, yet soft as silk.

As mysterious as Anansi’s workshop where he strings pearls of dew on misty mornings. Each bead a story of how he tricked his enemies to enter his lair, luring them with promises of vast riches, only to ensnare them with a silver cord, then leaving them to brew so he can feast on them later.

Even the human gods, the titans of earth, can be brought down by their fear of these traps. Mighty men tremble like scared children with a mere whisper against their cheek, a ghostly touch on their skin by those treacherous filaments.

large golden spider

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “share a force of nature from your corner of the world”

2 thoughts on “Master weaver

  1. At our garage sale last week, I sold my weight bench and weights to a neighbor. As I was pulling the bench out, a black widow spider scurried away and I saw his/her web they’d weaved behind the bench. It was almost too gorgeous to get rid of.

    But I was getting 60 bucks for a 14-year-old weight set.

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