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Something is in the woods

The crack came unforeseen and deafening like a lightning strike on a clear day. Close enough to raise the hair on his neck, Leo tipped his head back scanning for telltale signs of a pending storm but found only a cloudless, azure sky. The mystifying thunderclap drove birds from the surrounding trees. Their escape momentarily… Continue reading Something is in the woods

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If the shoe fits

“How is he today?” Flora clutched her fingers together in a knot, touching her chin with her thumbs. “He’s been asking for you.” Dr. George Gleason, his hands tucked characteristically into his white lab coat pockets, tipped his head toward a man in a wheelchair across the wide room sitting in a pool of sunshine… Continue reading If the shoe fits

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The long way home

I’ve always known I was adopted. My adoptive parents, Earl and Charlene, were great. There were never any secrets, they told me about my birth parents and answered any questions I had starting when I was very young. I was told they were both killed in a car accident when I was just an infant… Continue reading The long way home

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The good sister

Murial was the wild one - sneaking out of the house at night, smoking and drinking, even riding in cars… with boys. Still she was their favorite. Mother made excuses for her, and Father paid to keep her out of trouble and her troubles out of the newspaper. I tried to be the good sister… Continue reading The good sister

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New tenants

For the past few years, I’ve had the honor of moderating Two Word Tuesday and The Darkroom for Our Write Side. With the support and participation of our friends there, OWS has enjoyed tremendous growth. To address that, a little restructuring and reformulating has been brewing. Beginning next week, May 1 and 3, Two Word Tuesday… Continue reading New tenants

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Posted: No diving

I was keen on leaving the city to escape the craziness that my life had become. It wasn’t tourist season, so the beach seemed the perfect place for some much-needed relaxation. First day there, I strolled out on the fishing pier. Massive concrete stanchions carried the boardwalk far enough out into the surf that you… Continue reading Posted: No diving