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100 Word Challenge: Wish

I wish for tolerance and understanding I wish for order over chaos I wish for wisdom and knowledge I wish for compassion I wish for acceptance I wish for peace I wish for love and friendship I wish for health and happiness I wish for all these things for you... Star light, star bright First… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Wish

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Not in our stars

Polaris glimmers overhead It casts its light across our path We expect obstacles, perilous travels Our fate decided before our birth We are powerless to alter our course Or so we believe Our heartbeat skips, we quell our fears A foot off our mapped-out passage Deeper through the forest We trudge forward, resolve wavers Doubt says… Continue reading Not in our stars

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All the time in the world

A hint of pink rises in her cheeks Her eyes crinkle with laughter Like little birds, her hands flutter Her heart beats faster She tries to turn away His warmth pulls her in Sparks fly from their fingertips Sending arcs of fire between them Beneath swaying Spanish Moss A soft breeze stirs the sultry air… Continue reading All the time in the world

steel doors
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Behind doors of steel

Caged behind doors of steel, Treacherous fools reside, A merciless monster they conceal. Abandon all hope prophesied If e’er the beast’s bonds are broken. That door cannot be fortified. Withered, wisdom forsaken; Atrophied, weakened beyond a cure Surrenders to loathsome aberration. Deity divine, a false savior Rising out of foul darkness, Corrupt agent provocateur. Demon hordes… Continue reading Behind doors of steel