creek running through green landscape

In too deep

A black river snakes through a gullible landscape Dark and brooding, slick as oil History recounts an ancient evil rising unchallenged Ravenous, Treacherous, Blasphemous The monster dwells within its foul depths Loathsome and frightening, poisonous as plague An incubus lurking beneath the surface Watching, Waiting, Wanting Its prey wades spellbound into its shallows Mesmerized and … Continue reading In too deep

Personal prison

Locked in a prison of my own making. Iron and stone bind me, confine me. Mortared by fear and doubt, Bars and locks forged in misery. Serving my sentence in solitude, Believing I must shield those I love From the pain of quilt by association. I can never be someone to be proud of? Stigma … Continue reading Personal prison

aerial shot of clouds

Hedge maze

A tangled hedge maze of unyielding clouds, Mythical bolls of pure white cotton, Stretching beyond the horizon, shrouds The earth in a blanket of memories long forgotten. Twists and turns, around dark corners, down long pathways, Ever reaching, ever searching, ever lagging behind. Lost in the endless gray-blue haze, Ears to sound deaf, eyes to light … Continue reading Hedge maze

heart shaped tree stump

Love in pieces

There is a comfortable silence between us, A feeling no mere mortal could touch. My heart aches with the love I feel for you. Sweet grace whispers stay with me Until the end of time. We will love a little more, Then pass it on and not wait until it's too late. Each line of this … Continue reading Love in pieces