In too deep

creek running through green landscape

A black river snakes through a gullible landscape
Dark and brooding, slick as oil
History recounts an ancient evil rising unchallenged
Ravenous, Treacherous, Blasphemous

The monster dwells within its foul depths
Loathsome and frightening, poisonous as plague
An incubus lurking beneath the surface
Watching, Waiting, Wanting

Its prey wades spellbound into its shallows
Mesmerized and careless, heedless as lemmings
Believing promises spilling from cruel lips
Trembling, Weeping, Pleading

An idyllic façade masks virulent deception
Alluring and enslaving, beguiling as a savior
A curse veiled as truth beckons, “come closer”
Contemptuous, Malicious, Vainglorious

Polluted currents drag its prey under
Uncontrollable and perilous, bleak as winter
Corrupt menace recognized too late to escape
Resigned, Remorseful, Repentant

You only have yourself to blame…

The Darkroom badge
Inspiration: Black water

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