In too deep

creek running through green landscape

A black river snakes through a gullible landscape Dark and brooding, slick as oil History recounts an ancient evil rising unchallenged Ravenous, Treacherous, Blasphemous The monster dwells within its foul depths Loathsome and frightening, poisonous as plague An incubus lurking beneath the surface Watching, Waiting, Wanting Its prey wades spellbound into its shallows Mesmerized and […]

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Last wish

angel statue

Tiny glasses filled with sweet cordials were arranged in a perfect circle on an ornate silver tray, a rainbow of liquid calamity. There was one flute for each dinner guest. Their host had chosen the digestifs especially for their cloying taste, an antithesis to the evening’s savory meal. Most guests only took minuscule sips, not wanting […]

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Spaghetti squash

roasted spaghetti squash

I had an unproductive weekend. I didn’t feel quite right, and stayed in my pjs for three days. Mostly sitting on the couch, sometimes reading, sometimes watching TV, sometimes crocheting, but I mostly noshed on things I shouldn’t have. Monday was a new day. Still miserable weather outside, but I felt a little better. Showered, […]

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A tine dilemma

A fork in the road Choices to make, left or right Can I have a spoon?

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Fall from grace

He was tragic and dangerous, beautiful and beguiling. He could charm the stars from the sky, each falling to earth like a disgraced angel who never once repented their sin. He was the kind of boy you wouldn’t take home to mother. Not because she would disapprove, but because she would try to seduce him […]

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Out of the mist

In that moment between truth and a dream, where the mist is lingering, you make a choice. Do you remain in the haze, mesmerized but not truly living, or do you step through, and transform your reality into something breathtaking?

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