Tag: free verse

tree in silhouette at sunset

Roots and wings

I wanted wings To fly away from the loud voices and angry fists I wanted roots To feel like I was important, cherished I wanted wings To take that plunge out of the nest I wanted roots To know that I could survive on my own I wanted wings To feel the thrill of falling ...

close up of clock face

Ticking away

Time Fluid Oil spill leaching out in treacherous ripples Purple sheen bruises Butterfly wing breezes push outward Building A tsunami, anger raging Destroying all in its path Time Still Peaceful moments amidst chaos Suspended by warm currents Buoyed in briny fathoms Floating Gentle eddy curling into itself Holding the contentment within  

new growth after controlled burn

Out of the ashes

I hold my tongue, when instead I want to lash out. The idiocy that is uttered Stuns the senses, numbs the brain. Can those thoughts be from genuine understanding? Are they a reckless regurgitation Of the company line? Can you explain what you mean, Do you mean what you say, Or are you just plain mean? ...

toy shovel and pail on beach

Make your own rules

Don’t be so loud, someone might hear you Don’t color outside of the lines You’re too big to be a jockey, or an astronaut You don’t have enough grace to be a ballerina Science and math are for boys Girls can’t be strong, can’t be leaders You’re not smart enough You’re not good enough Dreams ...

sunrise on bay bridge

Grand entrance

Daybreak makes her grand entrance In a swell of golden light Ombré shades of morning glory The luster of a new dawn Fresh and clean, unfettered Spreads out quelling the darkness Dreams become reality Hope gives way to possibilities Vision transforms into truth

fluff afloat

Daydreams afloat

A gentle summer zephyr carries my wishes away Swirling and dancing on tiny eddies of air Rising towards the warming sun Tickling my fingertips, ruffling my hair Daydreams lift me higher Buoying my spirit Afloat above the maddening fray

sunset and seagull

Indulge me

Indulge me Tell me that you love me Even if it’s a lie Hold me Tell me you’ll never leave Even while you’re walking out the door Kiss me Whisper sweet words in my ear Even if it’s her name you breathe Dance with me Close in your warm embrace Even if I’m not the ...

clear pool of rainwater in upturned leaf

It’s all a blur

My days seem so out of focus As I stumble along, lost and confused Landmarks and mile markers Point in the wrong direction Fog rolls in, blurring my vision Pitfalls and hidden obstacles Make my path treacherous Then I see it… A point of light A single spot of clear focus A moment of clarity. Enough ...

yellow pollen on water

The quickening pollen

As spring pollen clogs rivers and streams, Floating on hot, thick air, So too your vicious secrets Choke the life from me, Clinging to the heart on my sleeve, Gritty and bitter, souring our love. As much as I try to brush it away, It finds every open wound in my devotion, Seeping into cracks ...