Out of her head

hermit crab

She lived inside her head, A snug space, comfortable but lonely. In time her solitude took up too much room. She reconsidered being a hermit, And went outside to change her mind.

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Love in pieces

heart shaped tree stump

There is a comfortable silence between us, A feeling no mere mortal could touch. My heart aches with the love I feel for you. Sweet grace whispers stay with me Until the end of time. We will love a little more, Then pass it on and not wait until it’s too late. Each line of this […]

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I see you…

close-up elephant eye

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi I see you. Even if I can’t Truly understand your struggle, Because I haven’t walked in your shoes, Nor lived in your home, I see you. I am reaching out In the hope that you, Will show me the way, […]

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Mind the gap

sunlight filtering through trees

In between what is real and what is a dream That altered state of possibilities and actualities Mind the gap Do not get swept away in the deluge Nor blinded by the flood lights Mind the gap Keep moving forward, upward Don’t stop, don’t turn back Mind the gap When all seems lost, And Peace […]

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Dragon herder

blue dragonfly

Filigree wings of elegant wrought iron Body armor aggrandized with cobalt blue cloisonné A tail forged into a wrathful cudgel Bestride my dragon, I blaze into bloody battle Raining down retribution and righteousness Upon the heads of my foes, beating them into submission Sprites and fae my warriors, Milk thistles and rose thorns my swords […]

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Second chance

Sometimes you get a second chance. You fight your way out of the darkness, Wrestling rumbling doubts, raven fears Sorrow unrelenting that rips, and tears And strips apart All reason and sanity. Emerging through a glimmer of hope Into the dawning light, a whisper of Possibilities stirring the fragile silence. As surely as night gives […]

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