A long anticipated photo hike

Last month I received an early birthday present… a new digital camera. My old camera was bonked, unusable, and had been for months… possible a year or more. The battery latch was broken and duct tape apparently is not the universal fix. Long discontinued, camera replacement parts weren’t available. Fortunately, my new camera and my […]

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100 Word Challenge: Fall

This Saturday, I had a rare chance to spend nearly the entire day with my grown-up daughter. That morning we, along with about 1,000 other people, participated in a community event to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. After the walk, we had a lovely lunch, dining on fresh seafood and mimosas. Then, as we […]

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Falling in love

bright fall leaves

“How long’s it been?” He spun around, looking up into the stained-glass mosaic of fall leaves. She smiled, steadying him with a coy hand on his back. “Oh, no,” she said. “I’ll only say it was the summer I turned 14.” “That’s not very helpful,” he circled around so her hand was on his chest. […]

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Hint of fall

Florida is well behind most of the country in its autumn preparations. We are still hovering in the 80s during the day, with a few cool, mid-60 mornings. It will be November before I can wear a sweater comfortably. Even though the fall foliage mainly stays green year-round, we do have a hint of color. […]

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Cold feet

wool socks

In the Land of Perpetual Summer, football weather means flip-flops and tank tops. Where pumpkin spice lattes are served over ice with paper tiki hut umbrellas and barbecues are fired up year ‘round, autumn comes late. There is no Technicolor foliage transformation to mark the change of seasons. Fall arrives when the wool socks come […]

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Fall foliage

fall foliage

Photosynthesis Refashioning chlorophyll Changing green to red *Photo venue: Lenior City, TN. I grew up in East Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Fall in the mountains is absolutely beautiful. Every possible shade of red, gold, orange, and purple can be seen. It’s breathtaking. Here in Florida… pine and palm trees are the […]

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