Fall foliage

fall foliage

Refashioning chlorophyll
Changing green to red
Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL
*Photo venue: Lenior City, TN. I grew up in East Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Fall in the mountains is absolutely beautiful. Every possible shade of red, gold, orange, and purple can be seen. It’s breathtaking. Here in Florida… pine and palm trees are the norm, and they really don’t change colors in the fall. Autumn is still my favorite season, but I do miss the change in colors.

13 thoughts on “Fall foliage

  1. Thanks, Tara. Reminds me of Murphy, North Carolina…not too far from you, where I spent 20 years of my life…Back in Florida now. You know, the Chinaberry tree (see my photo of 2 doves- top of my page_ that I took from my apt. window in Florida) does turn its leaves in Florida, but nothing like North Carolina.


  2. it’s gorgeous, it looks like an oil painting and your new background here on the blog matches it..and is making it even more stunning.

    one of my favorite words is Photosynthesis. Since I was a little girl (who loved books more than science) I just loved what it meant, taking things in and allowing them to change you enough to give life to others. Sigh.

    Happy Friday Tara.


      1. 🙂
        if I have to say goodbye to summer, at least the oranges, reds and greens made it a little easier. Looks like a perfect place to watch the seasons turn.


    1. This photo was taken two years ago. That year the colors in TN were amazing. My mom and dad still live in Tennessee, but they haven’t mentioned the leave changes yet. October is the peak month for fall foliage.


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