100 Word Challenge: History


I got a new book this week, a retelling of Norse Mythology written by Neil Gaiman. Aside from Gaiman being one of my favorite writers, I also have an affinity for the subject matter. Back in the day, back in the dark ages before the internet and Google, my grandfather researched our family tree, tracing […]

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Not so silent night

green Christmas ornament

The family was gathered for holiday dinner. Being the youngest adult, I still got relegated to the kid’s table where the conversation was a scurrilous attack on Debbie Bishop who had brazenly flirted with cousin Pooky’s tenth-grade boyfriend. The level of vitriol spewing from these high school Mean Girls rivaled the juiciest TMZ scandelmongering. Talk at the […]

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100 Word Challenge: Dinner

peeled green apples

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the U.S. I’ve been cooking for the past couple of days. The menu includes the standard fare: turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole (with crispy onions), gravy, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce, and two kinds of pie – pecan and apple. I’ll brew a pitcher of sweet iced tea and […]

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100 Word Challenge: Transform

mother and child portrait

This morning my niece posted an old photo of my daughter and me on Facebook. I say old because my daughter can’t more a year old, so that makes the photo about 27 years old. In it, we are outside our home in Middle Tennessee, you can see the Appalachian Mountains in the background. I’m […]

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I’ll stand with you

safety pin bracelet

This week has been a shameful “Come to Jesus” time for me. With the changing of the U.S. presidency, a harsh truth became too obvious to rationalize as not as bad as news reports say. We are a nation where it is dangerous to be a Person of Color, a member of the LGBTQA community, […]

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The novel approach

glowing plastic jack-o'-lantern

If only she took the less novel approach, perhaps handing out wholesome snacks for trick or treat, like little boxes of raisins, or prepackaged flaxseed granola made with organic honey. Cassandra wouldn’t hear it. She wanted her house to stand out in the neighborhood as the one with the most talked about Halloween goodies. She claimed […]

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Making peace

macro of white feather

The campfire burnt low, its glowing embers sacrificing no warmth to the ebony night. Long shadows stretched toward the treeline, reaching out bony fingers towards the deepening darkness. The moonless sky, stippled with pinpricks of light, hung like a shroud over the woods. Kia sat cross-legged by the dying fire, humming her tribe’s funeral song. […]

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