Gone fishin’

fishing poles at the beach

The teenagers took a break from their digging. Using the old shovels they took from their grandpa’s tool shed as levers, they climbed out of the waist-deep hole. They tossed the shovels across mounds of loose dirt, then found shade under a spreading oak.

Sprawling out on the soft grass, Joss pulled his dusty T-shirt over his head. After shaking out the dirt, he wiped sweat from his face. Todd, the younger of the brothers by three minutes, didn’t go to the trouble of brushing off his shirt. Lifting up the hem, he tried to wipe off his face too, but only managed to smear mud around his forehead.

Amused at his twin’s mess, Joss balled up his tee and laid down. Todd ran his fingers through his damp hair, and shook wet hands at his smug brother.

“Whatta ya gonna put in’it?” Todd toed the metal trunk near the rim of the hole.

“Ain’t ‘cided yet,” Joss said. His fingers laced behind his head, he looked deep in thought

“Imma thinkin’ we’d toss in ‘is ol’ ta’backy pouch.” Todd ran a hand under his runny nose, adding more mud to his face.

“Gawd, Todd, yur thick.” Joss kicked at the other boy’s leg.

“T’ain’t.” Todd dodged the foot aimed at his thigh.

“Ever-body in th’ holler smokes ‘at ‘backy.” Joss lifted up on an elbow.

“Aight, wha d’in?” Todd shifted around to face his brother, making sure he was outside kicking distance.

“It’s gotta be sumpin’ so’s God’ll know’d it’s Gramps and remember ‘im at Rapture,” Joss said

Todd stood up and ran back to their old truck. Grabbing their grandpa’s fishing poles, he threw them into the hole. “Eeny body’d know d’em poles.”

Joss slapped his brother on the back. “Ya done good, Todd.”

After lowering the trunk holding their grandpa’s body into the hole, the boys back filled the dirt. A crude cross the only trace of his grave.

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Submitted to Weekly Writing Challenge. The theme was: “TRACES – talk about leaving your mark.”
The Trifecta challenge this week is: Remember [ verb \riˈmembər\] 3a: to keep in mind for attention or consideration
NaBloPoMo 12/30

13 thoughts on “Gone fishin’

  1. Nicely done, Tara. I enjoyed ‘listening’ to the boys figure out their problem. I’m wondering what their story is–why they’re burying gramps this way. I’d love to read more. Thanks for linking up.


  2. That ending sure threw me for a loop. I thought they were on about a time capsule!!
    Love the idea of Gramps being recognized at the rapture.


  3. you know I love this because of the twin boys, right? Because I already see my sons in cahoots with one another about certain things, their own language and way of doing things that they devised during the 35 weeks they spent in my womb?

    the accents are perfect, the language lush and just right. He’ll be remembered all right.


  4. By using dialect you not only accentuated the definition of remember but you also brought respect to the characters.

    I loved this. I felt like I was there, and it was 1979, and I was fishing.


  5. That’s so sad. Aside from that, I love the accent in the dialog – you almost want them to take the chaw out so they’d speak better – but dey’s jus’ younguns so dey pro’ly don’ chew nohow.


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