Drives her crazy


The long drop to her driver’s seat jarred her teeth. In the lower position, her eyes were level with the top of the steering wheel, her knees brushed the bottom of the wheel. It shouldn’t have surprised her, since her husband drove her car the day before.

Grabbing the seat’s adjustment lever, she yanked on the handle with so much force she was sure it would break off in her hand. Resetting the back of her seat more upright, she wondered anew how her Mister could drive lying back so far. Their son adopted the same laid back posture, so no matter which of her menfolk last drove her car, the seat was practically in a full supine position.

MIrrors! Couldn’t her mirrors be off-limits, at least the side ones? The final insult was having to set the night position on her rearview mirror. She preferred an up flip, while her husband insisted a down flip was correct. Hell’s Bells! It was her car, she could put the mirror wherever she wanted. He didn’t even have to drive it at night.

It drove her crazy having to go through all these mechanizations on her own car, every time someone else drove it.

Putting the final fix in before starting her car, she fantasized about raiding the cars of her son and husband, and messing with their mirrors, and seats, then setting all their radio stations to Muzak.

After a ten minute delay, she backed out of the driveway, turning right toward town. It was grocery day, and she hoped to get what she needed and keep to her $50 budget.

Living paycheck to paycheck was exhausting. Watching every penny, consulting bank balances prior to every purchase, continuously reminding her menfolk to not go overboard when working on their cars. “Just what you need to keep it running.”

It was no wonder she was proprietary toward the one vehicle she drove most often – the one that didn’t require constant maintenance and repairs.

Heading up the boulevard toward the shopping district, she slowed for the four-way stop at the top of the hill. Checking left and right to make sure the way was clear, she pulled through the intersection.

The last thing she remembered was the flash of red in her left periphery, then breaking glass and screeching metal. Several airbags deployed simultaneously, white powder exploding inside the car. Her glasses were swept from her face, leaving her virtually blind. The taste of blood filled her mouth, and she could feel her left knee snap as the driver side door buckled.

Before losing consciousness, her only thought was, “shit, I hope insurance pays for this.”

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Submitted to Daily Prompt. “What habit/act drives you crazy.”
*While this is a piece of fiction, my menfolk do reset my mirrors, and re-adjust my driver’s seat whenever they drive my car – then neglect to return them to their previous position. It makes me nuts! My husband also changes the night setting on my rearview mirror, even when he doesn’t drive at night. That makes me homicidal.

17 thoughts on “Drives her crazy

  1. Oh my lord, every time! We are the same height and build, how can you even see and what exactly are you trying to capture in the side mirror, traffic in the sky?! I do laugh every time he gets in his car after I drive it though, he looks like a giant trying to fit into a Hobbit car.


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