Frog prince

brown frog

Will you recognize your prince?
Can you look past the warts,
See his regal countenance?

Shiny armor is a thin veneer,
Weak in its forging.
False heroes are never clear.

True champions need no trophies.
A smile, a laugh their prize.
Your heart they hope to appease.

Be open to fate, take a chance
With the one least expected.
Sway to the music, join the dance.

A storybook ending can be yours,
Every fantasy, every dream fulfilled
Without magically enchanted paramours.

Write your happily ever after epilogue.
Be the one to break the spell.
Forget white knights, kiss a frog.

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Submitted to Weekly Writing Challenge. The theme: In honor of April National Poetry Writing Month, compose a poem.
The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Recognize”

18 thoughts on “Frog prince

  1. Fantastic post! I love the sentiment and the way you put the words together. I’m a fan of frogs anyway, but I love the last line. I think it would make a great bumper sticker!


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