Love letter

surface dust

He wondered if putting his feelings into writing would help her understand. All the self-help books told him that it should.

Pounce covered the top half of the parchment, a fine dusting to prevent smudging. He dipped the pen nib into a crystal inkwell, contemplating his next line.

She would read his words, see the care he put into creating a letter using these archaic methods and materials. The books said women like that sort of romantic foolishness.

What he really wanted to say in this love missive would earn his letter featured status in Penthouse, but the books said he should offer up less graphic details. He should engage her in ways that didn’t focus on her ability to tuck her foot behind her head.

Once he wrote the final words, he blew off the pounce. then folded the letter. The dripping sealing wax brought a lascivious smile.

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is inspired by Thomas Marlowe, “it should pounce.”

7 thoughts on “Love letter

  1. I don’t have high hopes for this man, but hey – at least he’s trying!

    I loved the breaking up of the prompt across two sentences, too!


  2. We women want to be wooed and sometimes have our legs behind our ears.. It’s all in the delivery. 😉
    which you wrote so excellently.

    Men. Geesh 😉


  3. I guess we are just suckers for that sort of thing. Tucking one’s foot behind their head is awesome. Wish I could do it. At my age it is more than a stretch.


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